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Pans Ops vs TERPS Approach Differences

Pans Ops Differences

Pans Ops Entry

 TERPS Entry

Pans Ops vs. TERPS procedure entry sector- This is a very subtle but significant difference between TERPS and and Pans Ops. Guy Gribble does an excellent job of explaining this, but the basis difference is this, with TERPS when maneuvering for the entry sector on an intermediate segment of an approach there is protected airspace provided on the holding and non-maneuvering side of a Navaid. Pans Ops, on the other hand has an entry sector of 30 degrees on either side of the entry segment with NO protected airspace on the non-maneuvering side of the Navaid. What this means to flight crews is that they must enter within the 30 degree entry sector or they must request maneuvering airspace to perform the alignment maneuver.


Pans Ops vs. TERPS speeds on intermediate segments- With Pans Ops, the maximum designed speed on intermediate segments is 240 Knots unless published otherwise. TERPS does not publish a maximum speed, however, the Instrument Procedure Handbook recommends the maximum speed of 200 knots from over-heading the course reversal initial approach fix.


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