A Complete Manual for Conducting International Flight Operations

EBOT & Slot Coordination

EBOT & Slot Coordination

Slot times- Not all foreign airports have slot times, however, if they do have slot times your work load for obtaining revised slot times and keeping your passengers on schedule increases significantly. Generally Air Traffic Flow and Capacity Management will issue a slot to an aircraft. If, however, passengers are running late the responsibility to revise slot times and ensure that slot does not go unused falls on the shoulders of the flight crew. Terminology with respect to slot times in Europe are the following:


CTOT- Calculated takeoff time- 1.A time calculated and issued by the appropriate Central Management Unit, as a result of tactical slot allocation, at which a flight is expected to become airborne. Or,


An Air Traffic Flow & Capacity Management (ATFCM) departure slot, forming part of an Air Traffic Control (ATC) clearance, which is issued to a flight affected by Network Management regulations. It is defined by a time and tolerance (-5 to +10 minutes) during which period the flight is expected to take-off.


EOBT- Estimated Off Block time- The estimated time at which the aircraft will commence movement associated with departure.


SAM- Slot Allocation Message- A message giving a Calculated Take-Off Time (CTOT) sent by the Computer-Assisted Slot Allocation (CASA) system of the Enhanced Tactical Flow Management System (ETFMS) to the operators of regulated flights a maximum of two hours before the Estimated Off-Block Time (EOBT).


SRM- Slot Revision Message- Standard message from CFMU (Central Flow Management Unit) sent when flight regulations are revised. Or


A message sent by the Computer-Assisted Slot Allocation (CASA) system, giving a New Calculated Take-Off Time (NEWCTOT). It replaces the previous CTOT and shows either an earlier or later time, or the same time but a different most penalizing Regulation.


CFMU- Central Flow Management Unit- A directorate of Eurocontrol, located in Brussels. Now called "Network Manager Directorate (NMD)".


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