A Complete Manual for Conducting International Flight Operations

Journey Log

Journey Log

The term Journey Log may mean different things to different operators. For some operators the “Journey log” may be comprised of several different documents, one document that tracks the aircraft and inspections, another document that provides the specifics of the departure and arrival points and crewmember assignments.

Other than navigating the aircraft the most important reason for having a complete Journey Log is having the necessary documentation to provide to a SAFA inspector.


Any findings that the inspector discovers with respect to the Journey log will be recorded. Typical findings would be things such as inconsistent data, flight details not recorded in the journey log, journey logbook not onboard, etc.

ICAO Recommendations for

Journey Log Documentation (ICAO Annex 6)

  1. Aircraft nationality and registration
  2. Date
  3. Crew member names and duty assignments
  4. Departure and arrival points and times
  5. Purpose of flight
  6. Observations regarding the flight
  7. Signature of the pilot in command

SAFA Checklist (item A21)

NAV Envelope

Scott IPC produces a “NAV Envelope” which can be used to carry documents and has checklist items on the exterior of the envelope which serve to meet most of the requirements for the Journey Log.


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