A Complete Manual for Conducting International Flight Operations

Customs Procedures

Customs Procedures

Customs procedures are a broad and ever changing topic. Despite the fact that U.S. Customs and Border patrol publishes procedures for its agents, it is unlikely that they will be the applied uniformly from one location to another. This causes frustration on the part of the flight crew and passengers, however, the one thing that is certain is that complaining and not cooperating with CBP will not get you through the customs clearance procedure any faster.

Common Challenges & Frustrations

Some points of frustration have been, disposal of international garbage (catering and food purchased overseas), requiring the APU to be shut down during a tech stop, search of individual bags, Not fueling during the customs clearing procedure, not opening the cabin door until a customs agent arrives at the aircraft, inconsistencies with respect to when a General Declaration is required, when and for whom is the blue customs form required, when are crew declarations required, etc.


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