A Complete Manual for Conducting International Flight Operations

Country Specific ICAO Differences

Individual Countries ICAO Differences Check

A key element of any International flight is researching how the country specific regulations at your destination vary from ICAO standards. This may be accomplished in several different ways. One method is to read the country specific Aeronautical Information Publications, or AIP. For instance the United States publishes its AIP online at  www.faa.gov/air_traffic/publications/atpubs/AIP/AIP_22nd_Edition.pdf The AIP will contain all the country specific procedures. Eurocontrol also publishes a link to country specific AIP’s on the site www.eurocontrol.int/articles/ais-online .


The  problem with most country specific AIP’s is that they are published in the native language and have varying levels of detail.

Regional Supplementary Procedures

Another method of determining country specific ICAO differences is to access ICAO DOC 7030 which contains regional supplementary procedures.

To the right, is an excerpt from the European regional supplementary procedures. If a procedure is consistent with ICAO standards, “Nil” will be indicated. If a procedure has differences, they will be detailed.


It should be noted that ICAO Doc 7030 should NOT be used as the only resource for determining country specific differences, but merely as a step in the research process.  Jeppesen provides several great resources which are provided on their Flight Deck utility on the Ipads.

Resource 1: Jeppesen Flight Deck Utility

Jeppesen provides several great resources which are provided on the Flight Deck utility on the Ipads.


The first resource is provided by: 1) go to the text pages and select the country specific manual; In this case select Europe.

2) Find the ICAO differences which may be found under the State Rules and Procedures- Europe.

3) Once you have found the State Rules and Procedures for Europe select Denmark, which is hyperlinked and will redirect to the appropriate page containing the ICAO differences for Denmark.




Resource 2: Jeppesen Airport Specific

The second resource is provided by going to the destination airport and viewing the airport specific requirements. Schiphol, EHAM, Amsterdam is a good example. Once the airport is selected, open the REF tab on the left side.


This will bring up approximately 16 airport briefing pages which instruct pilots on everything from taxi procedures to use of transponders on all surfaces, to maximum APU usage times. It is essential that flight crews review all REF tabs prior to arrival and departure.


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