A Complete Manual for Conducting International Flight Operations

Taxi Stand

Taxi Stand Identification

If you happen to be landing at Charles De Gaulle (LFPG) and are unfamiliar with their parking procedures trying to figure it out after landing certainly complicates your life. In the United States taxi stands are not used unless you are referring to commercial airline gates. In the rest of the world taxi stands are considered normal. Pilots should have a very specific conversation with their handler as to what ramp they will be parked and if known, the taxi stand identification. International airports also may not have an FBO per se and often times the taxi stand assigned and the location on the airport will not be near the FBO as in the United States.

Resources for Identifying Taxi Stands

Standard Map

Jeppesen Flight Deck Map

Looking at a map of LFPG there are 6 distinct ramp inlays with parking stand identification.

With Jeppesen Flight Deck you can select the specific apron on the taxi menu to reveal the taxi stands within that apron.

Even if you are well prepared, there will still be language barriers and undoubtedly some confusion, but if you take your time and make sure both crewmembers understand the instructions completely you will reduce the risk of having to explain the confusion to the passengers in the back of the airplane.


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